The first deluxe hotel built in Bhaktapur

Heritage is a Newari-style boutique hotel influenced by the rich art and architecture of the ancient city of Bhaktapur. The hotel is a tasteful reproduction of Nepali architecture, a mélange of architectural heritage of Malla and Rana Era which captures the emotions and sentiments of the rich Newari heritage of Bhaktapur.

Artistically rich and aesthetically appeasing, Hotel Heritage is quite effortlessly a true repository of art. The faultless attention to detail in the service, décor and comfort makes a stay at Heritage a unique one offering a taste of Nepali lifestyle.

In a constant effort to preserve the rich heritage of Bhaktapur, the hotel was recognised as Heaven in the Himalayas: Nepal's top 5 responsible boutique hotels by CNN.

Our Tale

A vision of Mr Prakash Dhaubadel that materialised after a journey of years, believed in presenting Nepal in its true sense. With his profound familiarity with the history, tradition and hidden treasures of Bhaktapur, Mr Dhaubhadel’s commitment in preserving and restoring the heritage is visible in every nook and cranny of the boutique property.

Intricate wood carvings, distinctive sculptures, bronze crafts, terracotta works and Mithila paintings accentuate the splendour of Hotel Heritage. The hotel was build with century old bricks from Rana palaces, stones from 17 th Century and integrates reclaimed timber and antiques dating back from 16 th century. The furniture used in the hotel are all hand crafted by local craftsmen mostly using reclaimed wood from traditional Newari houses, Rana royal palaces and their residences. It is without doubt that Hotel Heritage shares an unshakable link with the ancient city’s rich past and reflects aristocratic elegance, classy architecture and Newari finesse.

A true repository of rich culture, tradition and architecture

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Nestled coyly in the cultural City of Bhaktapur, Hotel Heritage is a true repository of rich culture, tradition and architecture of the country. History comes alive in this establishment where we have incorporated Malla, Rana, Newari and Mithila influences to create a unique and cozy retreat.

Every nook and cranny of the establishment has a story, a history to tell, bearing the fine handiwork of our local artisans. Handmade clay bricks with Newari script recovered from a royal residence dot the hotel’s interior, whereas antique marbles and cobble stoned floors are spread over the entrance retrieved from a 400-year- old royal palace.

90 per cent of the furniture inside the hotel is made from reclaimed woods from old Newari houses and royal palaces; and the antique accessories flaunting inside the establishment all date back to 16 th Century. We offer our guests a taste of authentic Nepali culture and hospitality in a luxurious setting.

We at Hotel Heritage strive to promote local and natural products; and preserve rich architecture of the country. Our hotel has one good foot inside Nepali tradition and culture and other deeply rooted into great hospitality and impeccable service.

  • "Wonderful new hotel in Bhaktapur ! Great staff that attend to every need. This is just what American visitors are looking for."

    Roger Nelson, USA
  • "A fantastic hotel, full of character,charm and wonderful service. Everything is just perfect."

    Alain Rouveure, UK
  • "Wonderful hotel + staff extremely friendly. I hope they have great success in the future."

    Lain Mckee, UAE
  • "Thank you all for a very enjoyable stay at your hotel. Very good."

    Tom Phipps, UK

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